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Adding On

It seems like everyone I know just had a baby, is pregnant or is planning on getting pregnant. There’s something in the air, and it’s lovely. Watching families expand and grow and love. More from Chris and Laura’s family soon!


black cat d small

We headed out last night for a bit of trick-or-treating. It’s always fun to see all the neighborhood kids dressed up in their costumes and to visit all the decked out houses. And by neighborhood, of course, I mean our old neighborhood, just slightly west of our neighborhood. Yes, we trick-or-treat there. Then we come […]



Congratulations, Matt and Danielle. Marley is beautiful. I hope you’re all out of the hospital and adjusting to life on the outside.

Josh | Minnesota High School Senior Photographer

JoshP 6

Josh is a soccer player at Jefferson High School and for the city of Bloomington. He’s the oldest of three siblings in his family and is looking to attend college to pursue engineering following his senior year. Something tells me that with his quick smile, outgoing personality and sharp wit, he’ll have no problem getting […]


lonely mushroom

I read this post today that reminded me of me, of the me I used to be and still very much am. It made me recall days spent on my parents’ roof with a journal or a book, of all the times I locked myself in my room to avoid the six other people living […]