Olmanson Photography


Mr. Michael

Fairly certain this guy is destined for greatness–as well as breaking a few hearts along the way.


Clara was such a sweetheart for her session. The first girl grandchild, she’s going to break a lot of hearts as her older cousins and her big brother look out for her.

Quinn Elliot

I love when my friends have babies. I get to smell their soft heads, kiss fat cheeks and play with them for a few hours and then run back to my house where my kids sleep through the night and feed themselves…well, most of the time at least.

Congratulations, Kevin and Leslie, on Baby Quinn! He’s perfect and such a sweet boy. We can’t wait to introduce him to all of our kids.

Happy Mother’s Day, Kelly!

I received the nicest call this week from a husband looking to surprise his wife for Mother’s Day and her birthday with photos of their children. As it turns out, they have the sweetest children, which shouldn’t be a surprise with such a thoughtful husband.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday, Kelly! I hope your days are full of joy.


This little lady is quite the looker. She stole my heart the minute I stepped into the house. So sweet and tiny and such a sleeper. Congratulations Eli, Laura and big brother Uriah on the adorable new addition to the family!

Little Lennon

He’s here! Lennon joins his big brothers, and what a gorgeous family they make. You may recognize the Chiabottis from late last year and way back in April. I was so excited to capture these precious moments with their family and to be there as they grow, and check out the hair on the little man. Congratulations to all of you!


Sarah and Doug and have the sweetest little boy, with the most perfect little chin. Congratulations to you both and to big brother Sawyer.

Lillian Grace

This little lady and her amazing mama made it through quite the wild ride. Lillian was born at 29 weeks and 3 days. I saw her at 35 weeks gestation (6 weeks old), and I could definitely tell she was a fighter.

Congratulations Rick, Heidi and Big Brother Cam!

More Marley

This little lady is already so much bigger, relatively speaking. She’s still quite the peanut, but a peanut with a bit more chub in those cheeks. Lucky for me, I get to pinch it often while mommy and daddy are at work every couple weeks. Congratulations again, Matt and Danielle! I hope you’re getting some rest and relaxation amidst the new parent chaos.

The Boys and Mom

I love boys. I’m boy crazy, so it’s a good thing I have three of my very own. Laura is going to get four, and for that I’m so very excited for her! I can’t wait to meet the next little man in her all-boy clan, set to make an appearance just after Christmas.

Adding On

It seems like everyone I know just had a baby, is pregnant or is planning on getting pregnant. There’s something in the air, and it’s lovely. Watching families expand and grow and love. More from Chris and Laura’s family soon!


We headed out last night for a bit of trick-or-treating. It’s always fun to see all the neighborhood kids dressed up in their costumes and to visit all the decked out houses. And by neighborhood, of course, I mean our old neighborhood, just slightly west of our neighborhood. Yes, we trick-or-treat there. Then we come home and hit all four houses on our block that have their lights on.

And it’s okay. I love our neighborhood for different reasons, like the DeBoers, the Woodruffs and the Richters and for the warm fires in their driveway and the “flair” they let me borrow Saturday night.


Congratulations, Matt and Danielle. Marley is beautiful. I hope you’re all out of the hospital and adjusting to life on the outside.

Josh | Minnesota High School Senior Photographer

Josh is a soccer player at Jefferson High School and for the city of Bloomington. He’s the oldest of three siblings in his family and is looking to attend college to pursue engineering following his senior year. Something tells me that with his quick smile, outgoing personality and sharp wit, he’ll have no problem getting where he wants to go. Enjoy your senior year, Josh!

Christina | Twin Cities Senior Photographer

When I look back over the last six years of my life, how much things have changed is rather amazing. Six years ago I still only had one child. My husband was in graduate school. I had just started working from home after leaving my career. Fast forward to the present and suddenly here I am, still working from home, but now with four kids, a different career and in a completely different space.

I wonder where Christina will be six years from today? Right now she’s entering her senior year at ILC High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and then will be headed to college next fall. From college where will she land?

I felt honored that I was able to capture some of these transitioning moments with Christina before she heads to Eau Claire at the end of the month. I can’t wait to see where she’ll six years from now, what she’ll be doing and who she’ll be doing it with. I hope you have a fantastic senior year, Christina!


What I’m working on right now. I have so many more of this lovely lady to share.
The day is gorgeous. I hope you’re enjoying it.

Baby Henry | Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

This little man joins his adorable big brother. He was a bit reluctant to fall asleep at first, but once he drifted off, there was no waking him. I think a train could have come through the living room and little Henry would have kept on sawing tiny little logs. In fact, I think a few trains and trucks did run right through our little area.

Congratulations, Andrew, Amy and Big Brother Gavin! Thanks so much for letting me come capture this special time for your family.

Little Miss | Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

I was so excited to get the chance to spend the morning photographing this lovely lady. I can’t believe how much she’s changed over the past two years. She was a delight to spend the morning with, and we had so much fun smelling the roses and playing with the rocks. We finished up and headed to the car just as the rain started falling, and it hasn’t stopped much since.

Thanks, Niki and Jeremy, for letting me spend the morning in the park with you!

Happy 1st Birthday, U | Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

This little man’s dad loves to fish, so we thought it’d be fun to incorporate some of that into his photos, like the fishy lunch box. Laura told Eli she was pregnant by sticking a pregnancy test in that box coming up on two years ago. It’s been great watching your family grow, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for the three of you!

Because he really is getting “so big”!

A School Bus

I had to share this one. The bus was just too perfect not to.

Baby W | Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

I recently had the chance to hang out with this gorgeous family. Lindsay and I were roommates once upon a time, but I haven’t seen her or Roger in years. It was great to meet their gorgeous little girls and sweet baby boy. Congratulations, Lindsay and Roger, on your new addition.

Little W is going to be well taken care of. His two big sisters were just beaming with pride and were so sweet and loving with him.

Happy Birthday Little M: Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

When this little guy turned one, I have to believe he did it with a smile.

We decided to check out some of the puddles all this lovely MN weather has been creating, and we weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

Is this safe?

But upon further inspection…

He decided it wasn’t so bad afterall.

Thanks for having me over, Laura and Chris. I hope you like your sneak peek.

Playing in Puddles

I got to spend a few hours with this little guy and his older brother today. More to come.

Baby A | Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

After much anticipation, Baby A made it to our street. I was so excited for our friends Mike and Sara, as were all the other neighbors. Thanks for having me over to photograph her, guys!